“Old soldiers never die; they just fade away.”

 Douglas MacArthurIAR-80_retake_02.828IAR-80_retake_02.827IAR80_No84_ScoalaIAR80_No133_BichIAR80_No42_VictoriiIAR80_No39_1941IAR80_No137_1944IAR80.82imag 00

3D artwork mig-21 01 3D artwork mig-21 02   Spit 01 VVSSpit 03D artwork Bf 109 013D artwork Bf 109 023D artwork Hansa 01Hansa Lateral Lozenge3D artwork Hansa Engine 013D artwork Panzer III 023D artwork Panzer III 013D artwork Panzer III 033D artwork SDKFZ 222 013D artwork SDKFZ 222 023D artwork T 34 013D artwork T 34 02

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